Sara Stokes.

I live in Millers Dale, Buxton. I also have two horses that need attending to on a daily basis, it’s something I really enjoy as I love being outside. I have a great interest in alternative therapies as I think it is a much healthier way to heal the mind and body working with it naturally.

I am a reiki master, a way to use the universal energy to help heal within the body.
I have been using self-hypnosis for many years. Without realising that’s what I was doing to block out the pain, rather than have an anaesthesia or sedation. Since training with S.C.C.P for clinical hypnotherapy.

I have been amazed how powerful the mind is, and how easy it is for it to learn a certain habit or way of thinking, but by using hypnosis it is a way to change that habit or way of thinking in such a way it can change our lifestyles for a happier, healthier way of life.

I offer the first consultation free so that I can work out a customized treatment plan for you. I treat everyone as individuals and I use a tailored approach for each person. I charge a session fee and not an hourly fee.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my treatments plans.

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