Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Why Use Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Feeling stressed about things life is a common experience for most people, relieve the pressure by using my hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment that will help you release the stress.

What is Anxiety

We might find ourselves in a constant state of stress. For such people, some of the symptoms of anxiety may be psychological in nature, such as feeling uneasy all the time, worried, feeling highly irritable, prone to get angry quickly and a sense of detachment from everyone and everything around you.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

If you find yourself among this group of people, everyday life can become very hard for you. You will feel that it is not only your thought process that is disturbed, but anxiety disorders can impact every phase of your life ranging from family life, professional life to social life.

Sleep Patterns

This affects your sleeping patterns and if you don’t sleep well then your ability to make decisions are affected too.

While this fear or stress is a normal response to everyday pressure in our lives, some people experience elevated anxiety levels known as anxiety attacks.

When anxiety levels reach this intensity, people should look for professional help to regulate their fears and emotions.

For people dealing with anxiety problems, prescription medication may provide some relief, but for a long term solution, I have seen that dealing with anxiety using

Hypnotherapy for anxiety treatments helps people to regulate their fears and improve their condition.

How To Deal With Anxiety

  • Hypnotherapy is used to reduce and stop anxiety, resulting in a calmer approach to life.
  • I provide a customised guided relaxation to focus your attention on the triggers of these fears. During this relaxing hypnosis session, your immediate surroundings will be blocked and you will be directed to concentrate on specific thoughts or tasks raised by me.
  • I will then help you identify the root cause of your anxiety and fears. The hypnosis itself is a heightened state of awareness in which the patient is encouraged to feel calm and relaxed.
  • Once this has been achieved it becomes easier for the individual’s mind and body to respond to signals of relaxation and face their fears without feeling threatened.

The Treatment

All Hypnotherapists use a number of techniques to help overcome anxiety for their patients.

Depending on the intensity of fears, whether they are phobias, panic attacks or obsessive-compulsive disorders, I will work with you to find a method that is suitable for your condition.

Typically, hypnotherapy for dealing with anxiety issues can be practised with the following techniques

Suggestion therapy: With this method, the therapist tries to encourage the patient to choose better responses to suggestions. This moves them from a negative response to a positive response.

Analytical therapy: Here the therapist will help you uncover and reframe the root cause of your anxiety. During sessions, past experiences may be explored and the negative situations changed into positive situations for a more balanced outlook and approach towards these issues.

The aim here is to recover repressed memories that may be associated with the condition and deal with them effectively and positively.

Treatment Plan

We may need a few hypnotherapy sessions to deal with the anxiety and help you come to terms with the feelings and emotions that control that part of your subconscious mind.

After the first session I will give you a plan on how we will progress the treatment to help you build a more positive outlook and control your thoughts and emotions. To help you deal with any future situation where you may find yourself.

Call me if you would like to deal with your anxiety and and find out ways to stop it today.

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