Hypnotherapy for Depression

What Is Depression

Depression is a very common mood disorder, it is also a very difficult condition to live with for us, our partners and even our children.

Dealing with depression

Sometimes you can feel like you don’t want to get out of bed, or you just feel sad most of the time and you don’t know why. My hypnotherapy for depression treatment will help you feel better about yourself and help you to see the positive aspects of life.

As times goes by, this feeling can escalate when you are faced with disappointment or personal struggles or any minor setback becomes a major one.

If not treated properly and caught in time sometimes clinical depression can set in.

The general feeling described by most people in depression is the feeling of being overwhelmed which makes everyday routines become very challenging and very hard to carry out.

Depression Symptoms

  • Feeling sad sometimes is not always depression, and depressed people do not always feel sad, instead they might feel emotionally empty, agitated or even aggressive.
  • Living with clinical depression can easily turn into a daily struggle, with the person not wanting to get out of bed in the morning or accept advice or even acknowledge the problem.
  • People around them become invisible and they seem not to care about anyone or anything surrounding them.
  • This, in turn, leads to anger and can sometimes result in an argument, which in turns makes the person suffering from depression more depressed.

Life becomes a vicious circle of emotions. It is important to get proper help as soon as possible.

Some of the Depression Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out For:

  • Irregular sleep patterns: A frequent symptom linked with depression is the individual is likely to experience erratic sleep patterns.
  • These inconsistencies can range from sleeping excessively to absolute sleep deprivation.
  • Loss of energy and motivation: As a result of poor sleeping patterns, individuals may also suffer from excessive tiredness. They can appear sluggish which also makes it challenging to carry out everyday tasks.
  • Inattentiveness: Individuals experiencing depression may also exhibit a lack of focus, may have a tough time making decisions or are no longer able to concentrate fully on their work.
  • The overwhelming sense of helplessness and hopelessness: Not only will the affected individual feel helpless, trapped and devoid of choices but will also display an extremely negative outlook towards everything.
  • Changes in appetite: There may also be a dramatic shift in the person’s appetite making them very hungry without any apparent reason or on the other end of the spectrum, some people may completely lose their appetite altogether.
  • Recklessness: Behaviour patterns may also undergo a change where their manner may suddenly become more reckless with incidences like dangerous driving, increased drinking or relentless gambling may become apparent.
  • Suicidal tendencies: At its worst, individuals with clinical depression may exhibit disturbing tendencies such as talking about hurting themselves, display an obsessive fixation with dying or even shift severely from being depressed to irrationally calm

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Depression

Clinical depression is typically treated with the assistance of prescribed medication by a GP as well as therapy.

While medication can help calm the physical symptoms of depression, they are not able to address the underlying behavioural and psychological factors of the condition. For this hypnotherapy, counselling is required.

How Can Hypnotherapy Make A Positive Impact?

  • Relaxing during hypnosis is a treatment method that has seen a level of success in redirecting the individual’s thoughts towards positivity.
  • The practice aims at identifying the triggers of the condition.
  • Once the negative patterns of thinking have been established, hypnotherapy can be used to implement rational, realistic thinking replacing old thinking patterns.
  • I can help overcome depression by assisting individuals to understand the impact their past ways may have had on their condition today and help refocus attention on the present so that they can work towards a depression free future.

Treatment for Depression

Unlike the medical treatment aspect which addresses the symptoms alone, a depression treatment using Hypnotherapy aims to work with the individual as a whole.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding the hypnotherapy treatments, please contact me to discuss

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