The Best Hypnotherapy for IBS

What Is IBS

It is a common and uncomfortable disorder that impacts the large intestine. When IBS attacks occur your bowel becomes over sensitive and the muscles and nerves in the affected area do not function correctly. My hypnotherapy for IBS treatment can help you relieve the pain and condition.

The Ibs symptoms that people experience as a result of this can include stomach cramping, gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation and diarrhoea.

If you suffer from IBS over a long time, it can become a chronic condition which then requires long-term management.

Foods To Avoid With IBS

IBS and diet go hand in hand, one of the triggering symptoms of IBS is the intake of spicy and fatty foods which is a major cause of IBS.


Another is the consumption of caffeinated drinks, using tobacco and for some people even dairy products.

Now that you know what causes it. You can change your diet to avoid the foods that can cause your symptoms to increase.

By eliminating or at least restricting these foods from your diet, you will find some relief.

The condition, however, cannot be cured by this alone and other technique and treatments are required to bring IBS relief.

Hypnotherapy Treatment options

  • When you suffer from IBS, your first port of call would be your diet, immediate relief can be found by excluding IBS trigger foods that cause the issues.
  • Improving your lifestyle and managing stress levels can also benefit you.
  • If you suffer from severe symptoms and discomfort, other treatment options like medication, counselling or hypnotherapy may be required.

Using Hypnotherapy To Treat IBS

  • Hypnosis has been shown to be helpful in treating a number of complaints including the disagreeable symptoms of IBS.
  • When people come to me for treatment for IBS, I look to treat their condition with the help of hypnotherapy, the sessions will typically involve progressive relaxation.
  • I will work with you and guide you through hypnosis that will make you feel totally relaxed.
  • I then make suggestions that will benefit you and decrease the Irritable bowel symptoms that you are having.
  • While you are in this relaxed state of mind, we will work to reduce stress and tension that affects your wellbeing.
  • We also remove the triggers that cause painful symptoms of IBS.

You will learn techniques that you will be able to take away with you.

Another reason why hypnotherapy for IBS can be effective for treating IBS is because IBS does not do any structural damage to the body, instead it causes a nervous interference with the large intestine.

Over time the symptoms can increase and decrease.

As a treatment option, hypnotherapy will always help you to regulate the stress and anxiety associated with these symptoms, this will help you recover from IBS with great ease.

How Can The Treatment Help?

Some research has shown that hypnotherapy can be used to improve the primary symptoms of IBS.

  • While doing so, it can also calm other related symptoms like nausea, urinary problems, fatigue, backache, and migraines associated with the condition.
  • When looking to hypnotherapy for improving IBS-related symptoms, patients are also advised to follow lifestyle factors like a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Hypnotherapy has been observed to have been one of the more successful treatment approaches for IBS outside the use of medication. Since the approach is medication-free, it is safe and natural.
  • The treatment method is uniquely comfortable, relaxing and stress-free. Because hypnotherapy uses the healing power of the mind, there are no negative side effects of the treatment.
  • Hypnosis can also be helpful as it encourages positive thinking and provides strategies to manage both stress and pain, factors that will otherwise impact your quality of life.

Hypnotherapy Research

  • Research also indicates that women respond better to hypnotherapy than men in general.
  • One of the findings records, that about 71% of patients who seek hypnotherapy for their condition, respond well to the treatment.
  • With looking at symptoms, you can also see an improvement in your quality of life, record lower levels of stress and reduced depression overall.
  • One of the biggest ways in which hypnotherapy can help IBS patients is that the effects of the treatment are long term.
  • Even after therapy sessions have concluded, you can continue to experience the benefits by staying free of IBS symptoms for many years to come.

If you would like to start your treatment for IBS please contact me today.

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