Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Using Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight but, find yourself turning to food every time there is a challenge, problem, decision, insecurity, or depression trying to take over? Do you find yourself heading straight for the fridge whenever you are unhappy? Well if you agree to all the above points, My hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment can help you lose weight and stick to your target weight!

What Causes Over Eating

For all of us, eating is a basic action, when we are hungry, we have to eat, but for some of us eating may be the only solution we know to calm us down from stress or anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

It may be the only response we know when placed in difficult situations. This type of eating is known as emotional eating, where we keep feeding ourselves even when we are not hungry.

Eating like this, out of habit or for no reason at all, will eventually become a problem for most people.

First, there is weight gain, then unhappiness comes from being overweight. This, in turn, can be linked to many health risks.

Why Do People Tend to Overeat?

People on diets normally starve themselves for a few weeks and then stop the diet and go back to normal eating which is more than what you previously ate.

Boredom, when you are bored you tend to head straight to the fridge. Being tired also makes you feel hungry as your bring sends you false signals especially late at night.

So for anyone trying to lose weight naturally, for whatever reason, the process can be a long and challenging one. It can be frustrating, disappointing and very damaging to your self-confidence.

Some people just can’t find the right answers to losing weight naturally, they have tried diets and exercise programs and just can’t lose the weight.

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss is an effective way, to lose weight and also keep it off permanently.

The Hypnosis Treatment To Lose Weight:

  • I use hypnosis to work with my patients, hypnosis is a trance-like state where the patient is in deep concentration, while in this deep concentration frame of mind we look to find the right solution for their problem.
  • In this example, it is to stop overeating and work towards effective long-term weight
  • While the person is still under hypnosis, I use verbal repetition or mental images to suggest appropriate behaviour changes.
  • This will change how you feel about food. You will be taught techniques that will stop your cravings, and also change your thinking patterns and make better choices regarding food without feeling deprived, depressed or guilty.
  • I like to make small changes at first, to make sure that they are working and that you understand and can see the positive changes happening to you. As each stage of the treatment progresses your body will start to feel lighter and your clothes will fit you better.
  • I have seen that over time that people that have completed hypnotherapy sessions with me have established a positive relationship not only with good food choices but also with diet and exercise.

What to expect from a hypnotherapy treatment

My goal of these hypnosis sessions is to boost your confidence about your body, remove negative thoughts or guilt about food and assist with effective weight loss without disturbing your emotional balance.

Also, the importance of regular exercise while trying to lose weight and keep it off cannot be stressed enough.

Hypnotherapy will establish the importance of that relationship and make it easier for you to follow through in the future.

How Can Hypnosis And Weight Loss Help Me?

Using hypnotherapy we will overcome your weight problems. We will pinpoint the reason for your previous eating habits. Once we are equipped with this information, you can start to make better eating choices in your life.

  • You will stop feeling guilty about your relationship with food.
  • You will never look at ‘comfort food’ the same way again.
  • You can learn to self-hypnosis for weight loss.
  • By meeting your weight loss goals, you will experience an increase in confidence levels, body image, and your overall health.
  • Your energy levels will improve.
  • Hypnotherapy will break any mental barriers blocking you from exercising.

As a result, it is not only food that you will enjoy a better relationship with, but also exercise and regular physical activity.

Over time, you will learn to change your negative habits to positive ones. The motivation to eat well will outweigh the urge to binge and focus will shift naturally from weight to health and fitness.

If you would like to start your Hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment please contact me today.

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