Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Are you looking for a gentle way to lose weight? Do you want to make eating nutritious and healthy foods a habit? Hypnotherapy is the best way to go! However, reframing problematic thoughts and ideas of food can take time. With that said, hypnotherapy is not for those who are looking for a quick fix.

But does hypnotherapy for weight loss really work? Let’s examine some impressive statistics:

  • A study done in the early 90s showed that people who used hypnotherapy lost more than twice compared to those who dieted without cognitive therapy
  • A small 2017 study showed three children and eight obese adults successfully lost weight through hypnosis
  • A 2014 study on 60 obese women showed that those who practiced hypnobehavioural therapy lost the excess weight and improved their body image and eating habits

Stress Eating and Hypnotherapy

In essence, stress eating occurs when you consume food in response to your feelings, even if you are not hungry. Also commonly referred to as emotional eating, it means that your emotions and not your body dictates when and how much you should eat.

Many stress eaters end up binging when they are confused or sad. Others on the other hand turn to eating as a way to avoid thinking about their problems or taking the action needed to address them.

So, why do people eat when they are stressed? Primarily, for most, food offers comfort. Unfortunately, most of the unhealthy foods offer the most comfort. If you reach for a carrot stick in times of emotional stress, you’d be okay. 

However, most people would do the exact opposite when stressed and turn to high-calorie and high-fat foods to make them feel better. 

Are You An Emotional Eater?

How do you gauge if you are a stress eater? Consider the following as glaring red flags:

  • You eat without even realising you are doing it
  • You feel ashamed or guilty after eating
  • You eat alone or at odd locations 
  • You eat after an argument or stressful event (even when you’re not hungry)
  • You crave specific foods when you’re upset
  • You feel the urge to eat when you see outside cues (i.e. food advertised on on the telly)
  • You eat because you are bored or there is nothing else to do
  • You eat when you’re feeling worried or less focused

How I Can Help

To address overeating and to work towards long-term weight loss, I will be using mental images or verbal repetition to suggest appropriate behavioural changes. This is aimed to help you change how you will feel about food.

I will also teach you techniques that will stop your cravings and change your thinking patterns so you will make better food choices without feeling depressed, guilty, or deprived. 

I prefer that we start with small changes first so you can see and understand the process and you can see for yourself the positive changes. As we progress with the treatment, you will notice that your body will start to feel lighter and your clothes start to fit better.

Most patients I have worked with have not only established a great and positive relationship with good food choices but also with diet and exercise.

What to Expect from the Hypnotherapy Treatment

Other goals of our hypnosis sessions would be to boost your confidence about your body and remove any guilt or negative thoughts about food. I will also help you achieve effective weight loss without disturbing your emotional balance.

We will also pinpoint the reason for your unhealthy eating habits and help you develop better food choices moving forward. My hope is that once you meet your weight loss goals, you can start making better choices in food and in life.